Noyemi силк

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NOYEMI Silk- COFFEE SCRUB /90g / Made of exclusively high quality vegetable oils. It does not contain synthetic ingredients and pigments.

Natural coffee bean is a traditional cure for cellulite; it has a refreshing, nourishing effect.






image OKKKNOYEMI SILK 90g of cosmetic soap is made of high quality raw material, exclusively vegetable oils, a combination of high quality palm and coconut oils are used. It is enriched with soothing, nourishing natural additives. This type of soap is rich in natural milk, combined with other natural ingredients, which is an indispensable care for those who have a delicate and sensitive skin.




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The main ingredient in this assortment is the same as the NOYEMI soap 90-g of. It is made with high-quality raw material, exclusively vegetable oils; a special combination of high-quality palm and coconut oils is available, with a soft, nourishing natural additive. The difference is that natural additives are relatively few because this range of soap is intended for consumers who prefer affordable products.